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District Recommended for Accreditation

adv District Receives Recommendation for Renewed Accreditation

On Wednesday, March 22, the AdvancED External Review Team conducted an exit report for the Board of Education. The preliminary findings are divided into three categories:  Themes, Powerful Practices, and Improvement Priorities.



1. Strong Instructional Leadership

2. Collaboration

3. Autonomy

4. High Expectations


Powerful Practices:

1.  "Spearheaded by the Superintendent, leaders of the Pike County School District direct a robust, systemic process for monitoring and supporting instructional practices. This process uses a protocol in which instructional leaders provide feedback concerning teacher-developed instructional strategies."

2.  "The system has several programs to effectively engage families to inform them of their children's learning."

3.  "The Pike County Board of Education fosters a high performing organizational structure that supports leadership at all levels and respects the autonomy of the District and school administration."


Improvement Priorities

1. "Develop, implement, and monitor a formal process at all levels whereby each student has at least one adult advocate who supports the student's educational experiences and acts as a mentor for learning, thinking, and life skills."

2. "Develop and implement strategies designed to increase instructional time, as well as fiscal and material resources, to ensure students are competitive in a global environment."

3.  "Establish a fully functional technology infrastructure that provides modern equipment to support the system's instructional purpose and direction."


The External Review Team will complete and submit a written report to AvancED where the official accreditation vote will be taken.