Social Studies

  • Although a social studies course is not required for freshman year, many students are eager to begin exploring secondary social sciences. The most popular choice of our 9th graders is World History--a survey course that tracks the development of civilization from its earliest records. Some may choose to take Psychology / Sociology--a pairing of two one-semester courses. Lastly, students who want to pursue a more rigorous offering may opt to enroll in AP Human Geography. As in other AP courses, these students have the opportunity to take the AP test at the end of the course, which could qualify them for college credit, depending on their college and their score.


    Ultimately, we hope that students will be able to independently use their learning to: analyze historical events to identify how they impact present and future events; participate effectively in a democratic society; develop an appreciation and understanding of cultural differences, including a global awareness identifying their place in the world; and read and evaluate text in which they can apply knowledge to communicate a meaningful message.



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