Summer Enrollment

  • Kindergarten through 12th Grade Registration

    (This does not pertain to Pre-K Registration.)

    New Student Registration for the 2019-2020 school year will be held  July 17, 2019 through August 6, 2019.  Please click the calendar link below to set-up an appointment for each child who will be enrolled.



    Enrollment Guidelines

    Registration appointments will be held in the Board Room at the Pike County Schools Memorial Annex, 7454 Hwy. 19 South, Zebulon, GA, 30295.  Please see enrollment guidelines below.

    Please adhere to the following guidelines for registration of New Students:

    A Parent/Guardian must register their child(ren) and provide verification of guardianship by either Driver’s License, Identification Card or Legal Documentation.

    You may click on our Student Registration Form  to download a copy for you to fill out and bring to your appointment or you may fill one out at your child’s appointment. Please bring the following required documents:
    1. Certified Birth Certificate (We will make a copy).

    2. Social Security Card

    3. Georgia Immunization Form 3231 (from your Pediatrician or Health Dept.)

    4. Eye, Ear, and Dental Form 3300 (from your Pediatrician or Health Dept.)

    5. 2 Proofs of Residence for Pike County (REQUIRED FOR ENROLLMENT) - Acceptable Proofs of Residency are utility bills (power, propane, phone, water, cable/satellite, trash pickup), notarized lease, and rental agreement. Utility bills need to show your street address as receiving service and may not be over 30 days old.  If you live with someone else, and the bills are in their name, they will need to come with you to fill out an Affidavit of Residence, bring two acceptable Proofs of Residence, and provide I.D. (Unacceptable items are listed in our Enrollment FAQs.

    6. Custody papers (if applicable)

    7. Verification/Documentation of Grade Level

    8. Grades 6-12 – Discipline Information (Per O.C.G.A. 160-5-1-.28)

    9. Grades 9-12 – Unofficial Transcript


    Your Child will be provisionally enrolled for 30 days until required documents 1 – 4 are received, per O.C.G.A. 160-5-1-.28.
    You may refer to our Enrollment FAQs on the Pupil Services page for helpful information, including how to obtain required documents and a list of unacceptable Proofs of Residence.