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  • Welcome to Pike County Ninth Grade Academy! We look forward to an exciting year as we embark on the journey of challenging our students to be innovative and creative through every aspect of their education.  We believe that 9th grade is a very important year, as it is the time when students have the opportunity to set a firm foundation for a successful high school career. We want to help each student identify their interests and goals, and to support them in obtaining required credits, so that their progression to the 10th grade is smooth and as meaningful as possible. The Ninth Grade Academy faculty and staff are committed to nurturing and developing confident students who are able to be successful at the high school level. We are glad you are here!


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NGA Student Spotlight

  • Pirate of the Week: Avareigh Griffith


    Congratulations to Avareigh Griffith, our Pirate of the Week! Avareigh was selected by Ms. Hudson.

    Ms. Hudson wrote, “It is my pleasure to nominate Avareigh Griffith for Pirate of the Week. You can always count on Avareigh to consistently show up to class on time and prepared. In literature class, she not only reads the pages or chapters assigned, but often continues to read and finish the book or play ahead of other students. She has a natural curiosity for learning, takes pride in her work and during classroom discussions, she is always ready to provide insight that is a unique point of view. She never complains with whom she collaborates with and is always willing and enthusiastic to exchange ideas within her assigned group during class projects. She demonstrates her maturity and confidence with the ease in which she gives sincere compliments to other students.  She is a kind young woman.  If there is drama lingering in the hallways, Avareigh is nowhere to be found. With the standards and priorities that she has set for herself this year, I am sure she will be successful in high school.”

    Avareigh, thank you for helping to make NGA such a special place!
     Pirate of the Week--Avareigh Griffith
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  • Dance Team Audition Flyer Pike's Got Talent

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  • Captain of the Month--Mr. Clayton Moon

    Clayton Moon--Captain of the Month At Ninth Grade Academy, we are excited to have a non-traditional employee recognition program, in which students nominate the staff members who make a difference and are exceptional. This month, we would like to recognize Mr. Clayton Moon, who was nominated by student Aiden Potter. Aiden, a student in Mr. Moon's class, writes, “Coach Moon deserves to be Captain of the Month because of his influence on his students in the classroom as well as the weight room. He always teaches us to try our best, all while helping us learn the importance of building up to accomplish a task. Coach Moon always goes above and beyond when it comes to his job; he never does the bare minimum. When we need to learn how to accomplish a task, he will teach us. If we still need help, he will show us. To top it off, he always likes to throw in some comic relief which always makes our day. Thanks, Coach Moon, “Eye of the Bobcat.”

    Mr. Moon, thank you for helping to make NGA such a special place!

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