Computer Science

  • Long-Term Goals for this Subject are to Enable students to develop . . . .

    • critical thinking and problem solving skills.

    • effective communication skills using computer applications or social media.

    • ethical standards regarding Internet usage, fair use policies, Netiquette, etc.

    • ability to use modern technology (i.e., printers, scanners, digital cameras, SmartPhones,
      tablets, palm devices, etc.) and to become self-directed learners.

    Students should be able to . . .

    • select appropriate software application to a given task/problem.

    • use basic features of computer application software.

    • understand basic computer vocabulary and jargon and/or know where to find the information.

    • analyze a task/problem and then use software application features to solve the task/problem.

    • understand that computers only follow instructions and if given incorrect instructions the computer will yield invalid results/outcomes.

    • locate sufficient and appropriate (valid and reliable) resources when conducting research using the Internet.