Notice to Parents of a Student Riding a School Bus

    • Students will only be picked up and dropped off at their home address. Meeting a bus at a location other than your address is prohibited and could result in loss of bus riding privileges.
    • Should your child miss the bus you should make arrangements to transport them to school.
    • Students should remain at least 12 feet off the road while waiting at their bus stop, they must wait for the bus driver to signal to them it is safe to board the bus.
    • Afternoon student delivery; students should look in all directions before they exit the bus, once off the bus they should move at least 12 feet away from the bus, if crossing the road they should wait until the bus driver signal's that it is safe to cross.


    In cooperation with the Department of Family and Children Services, it is the practice of Pike County School System to ensure that parents are at home before dropping off students, specifically Primary and Elementary age, hence the following criteria has been put in place: A Parent/Guardian or approved designee, must be visible and present at the bus stop to receive students 9 years old and Younger. If a Parent / Guardian or approved designee is not visible and present at the bus stop the bus driver will transport that child back to their respective school where the parent / guardian can pick up the child.


    The Pike County School District understands that events may occur outside the parent's control that results in the student being returned to school. The parents shall make every reasonable attempt to communicate with and pick up their child from the school in a timely manner.. Repeated failure to receive your child as outlined above will result in the loss of bus riding privileges.