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  • At the Pike County 9th Grade Academy, we strive to provide students with a rigorous curriculum through authentic instruction that will enable opportunities to collaborate, communicate, think critically, be creative and use technology. The way we taught students in the past simply does not prepare them for the higher demands of college and careers today and in the future. Our school and schools throughout the country are working to improve teaching and learning to ensure that all students will graduate high school with the skills they need to be successful.

    Students at 9th Grade Academy have the opportunity to take core classes as well as several electives. Students in this first year of high school are expected to take an English class, Mathematics, Science, and 4 other courses. These may include World History, PE / Health, Psychology / Sociology, Spanish 1, Chorus, Band, Drama, Agriculture.

Academic Subjects

Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) programs provide students meaningful activities that connect academics to business and industry. Pike County High School CTAE offers programs in Agriculture, Business, and Health Science.

Students will be able to independently use strategies and draw meaning from various sources to acquire knowledge and communicate it effectively in real-world situations.

Students will utilize their exposure to a wide variety of physical activities to develop the skills necessary to ensure a healthy and active lifestyle.

A graduate of Pike County Schools will be able to independently apply a deep understanding of number sense and mathematical concepts and skills to solve varied real-life problems.

Ninth Grade Academy offers two science courses, as well as a third, in cooperation with the high school.

Although a social studies course is not required for freshman year, many students are eager to begin exploring secondary social sciences.


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  • Captain of the Month--Mr. Clayton Moon

    Clayton Moon--Captain of the Month At Ninth Grade Academy, we are excited to have a non-traditional employee recognition program, in which students nominate the staff members who make a difference and are exceptional. This month, we would like to recognize Mr. Clayton Moon, who was nominated by student Aiden Potter. Aiden, a student in Mr. Moon's class, writes, “Coach Moon deserves to be Captain of the Month because of his influence on his students in the classroom as well as the weight room. He always teaches us to try our best, all while helping us learn the importance of building up to accomplish a task. Coach Moon always goes above and beyond when it comes to his job; he never does the bare minimum. When we need to learn how to accomplish a task, he will teach us. If we still need help, he will show us. To top it off, he always likes to throw in some comic relief which always makes our day. Thanks, Coach Moon, “Eye of the Bobcat.”

    Mr. Moon, thank you for helping to make NGA such a special place!

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