1st day

Welcome to Kindergarten

  • It is an exciting time for children because it is their first time in our school. Many begin the year a little nervous, but quickly learn the routines, make new friends, and enjoy becoming more independent. We have nine kindergarten teachers, each with a paraprofessional assigned to the room. Our teachers will communicate valuable information about their classroom, as well as expectations for student progress. There will be an opportunity for two conferences throughout the year to update you on your student. In addition, you are welcome to call your child’s teacher to schedule additional conferences if needed.

    Students in kindergarten are in constant movement. There are opportunities for them to learn in ways we may not have experienced ourselves. Through the use of technology, manipulatives, games, movement, music, and more, students are able to experience learning rather than the traditional pencil and paper methods. Within the classroom, students will have English/Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math. To enhance the English/Language Arts lessons, students will be exposed to Saxon Phonics and Handwriting Without Tears. In addition, students also attend one of the following “specials” classes each day: Art, Music, P.E., or Computer. Periodically, students will also have a Science Lab which will compliment classroom lessons.

    Please note that breakfast, lunch, and recess are exciting for students and an important part of our school day. It is during these times that students use their social and problem-solving skills.

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