The academic curriculum at Pike County Middle School is focused on developing students who are creative problem-solvers, ready for college and career. We teach our content, with a focus on critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, digital literacy, and personal responsibility. The world economy of the 21st century values students' abilities, not simply their memorization of content information, and we want our students to be prepared to be successful as they transition into the high school and beyond.


We all have talents and interests, but we are not always aware of them! It is the goal of the Connections classes to expose your student to a variety of courses in order to help them find what they enjoy. These consist of quarter-long classes, and they include: Agriculture, Career Discovery, Healthcare, Family and Consumer Sciences, Innovation, and Business & Computer Science. Many of these are subjects that students may pursue at a deeper level once they are in high school.

At the middle school, students use their language skills to access information in each of the other content areas. Thus, at this level English Language Arts students are refining their understanding and appreciation of the written and spoken word. They are honing their own skills for communicating within the language.

Pike County is known for its long running success in the fine arts. We are pleased to offer courses at this level in Visual Arts, Chorus, Theatre, and Band. Some of these courses require a year-long commitment and are associated with growing extracurricular programs as well.

Pike County Middle School offers Health Education and Physical Education to all grade levels on a quarter long basis. These offerings are rotated with other Connections courses throughout the school year.

Out belief at PCMS is that the ability to apply math concepts is vital to the success of all students. At the middle school level, we work to build a foundation that will carry students throughout their high school career.

Students at PCMS learn through rigorous classroom and hands-on lab experiences the importance of science in everyday life.

6th Grade Content: Geography, Economics, Government and History of Europe, Australia, Canada and Latin America. 7th grade content: Geography, Economics, Government and History of Southwest Asia, Africa, and Asia 8th grade content: Georgia Studies

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