• What is the EDGE Program?

    •  Standing for "Every Day Grooming Essentials", it is a hygiene store in the Pike County Middle School that offers students personal care products and educational material on the importance of personal care. It includes dental, hair, body, lip and feminine products.


    How did it get started ?

    • It all began with Hygiene for Humanity's youth outreach that focused on 5th - 8th grade students. Statistics about this age group reflected the lack of knowledge they had about personal hygiene and the lack of it in their lives. Sheila Scott, an influential person in the development of the program acted on her passion for students and her belief that students have a need and right to have their basic necessities met. It will make them feel better about their bodies, decrease illness and sick days and improve overall attendance.


    How does it operate ?

    • The E.D.G.E. is located in the library and operates each day during the school year. The store is open to all students in need of the products offered. There are only two simple rules :)
    1. Recieve a pass to go the E.D.G.E. ( one is not needed if the students goes before 8 am or during lunch )
    2. Select one item per store category every 3 weeks.


    We are so grateful that the goals of Sheila Scott and the Hygiene for Humanity Outreach crossed paths with the Pike County Middle School Staff and a caring parent, and birthed the EDGE Program .


      EDGE Products                          Art Work                   Mrs. Jackson  

     The EDGE products available to students              Artwork done by Mr.Thompson's art students           Mrs. Jackson operates the room everyday



    Hair Care Tips                              Sheila Scott                     

     A card about hair care tips                                          Mrs.