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Chanda Steele Professional Pirates

Chanda  Every student that graduates from Pike County Schools should have a semester long class that teaches them job seeking and retaining skills.










Carla Webb Welcome to the Real World 101

Carla  I would like to see an elective class for students that teaches students basic skills needed out in the world. There are so many kids that graduate that can't sew on a button. I'm not talking about making a shirt. Just replacing a button that falls off. This class could encompass other skills such as learning how mortgage payments work. How to prepare and follow a budget. How to balance a check book. How to use coupons to save money. How to do laundry.  How to comparison shop for the best deals on appliances or anything else. Learning how to cook simple meals. How to have a conversation with a stranger. Such as a possible employer or a doctor. How to read a map. How to change a tire.  I'm not saying create a full blown home economics class. Just a class that teacher survival skills.






Leah Jordan Afterschool Creative Programs

Leah  We should offer more creative opportunities for our younger students to explore by offering paid opportunities for our older students to teach.

We could allow high school students to go to the PreK/Primary/Elementary schools during after school care to provide lessons such as dance, gymnastics, guitar, creative writing, art, etc. The student could advertise to parents of our after school programs what opportunity they are offering, day(s) of the week it is being offered, maximum number of students, and what the cost would be. Parents would be responsible for paying for those lessons, but costs should remain minimal. We could possibly ask paramount to offer gymnastics lessons after school as well.

This benefits the younger children because it offers them creative opportunities to explore while they are still in our after school care.