Pirate of the Week

Pirate of the Week: Avareigh Griffith


Congratulations to Avareigh Griffith, our Pirate of the Week! Avareigh was selected by Ms. Hudson.

Ms. Hudson wrote, “It is my pleasure to nominate Avareigh Griffith for Pirate of the Week. You can always count on Avareigh to consistently show up to class on time and prepared. In literature class, she not only reads the pages or chapters assigned, but often continues to read and finish the book or play ahead of other students. She has a natural curiosity for learning, takes pride in her work and during classroom discussions, she is always ready to provide insight that is a unique point of view. She never complains with whom she collaborates with and is always willing and enthusiastic to exchange ideas within her assigned group during class projects. She demonstrates her maturity and confidence with the ease in which she gives sincere compliments to other students.  She is a kind young woman.  If there is drama lingering in the hallways, Avareigh is nowhere to be found. With the standards and priorities that she has set for herself this year, I am sure she will be successful in high school.”

Avareigh, thank you for helping to make NGA such a special place!
 Pirate of the Week--Avareigh Griffith