How do parents go about obtaining a Certificate of Attendance/Enrollment and ADAP certificate?

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For HS: All requests for Certificate of Attendance and ADAP forms need to be emailed to Kelsey Cochran  Once completed, they will be mailed to the address in PowerSchool.  There is no charge for these requests.  These will be processed each Wednesday. 


NGA: Check with your local DMV for information concerning closures and testing.  The Certificate of Attendance expires 30 days after notarized.  To request this certificate, email Robin Kempson at  The ADAP certificates (Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program) are earned in health class. You need it when your student goes for their 16 years old driving test.  ADAP certificates will be mailed home with report cards if your student has completed the course.  If your student did not take health this year or did not complete the coursework for the certificate, click this link Your child may access and take the course online from home. Forms will be sent by mail to the address listed in PowerSchool.  Should you need to contact your student’s health teacher, please feel free to email them from the PowerSchool App or through our website under faculty and staff.