Can funds for virtual classes be allocated,especially in the event of a reoccurring virus? ESPLOST?

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District funding for technology is used to maintain servers, switches, and WIFI points. Additionally, the Tech Department's annual budget supports software licenses and devices. The barrier to digital learning is not the school system’s infrastructure. It is the lack of connectivity and home devices.  Could ESPLOST funds be used to provide additional devices and perhaps mobile WIFI or hotspots? Yes, but this would delay or neglect building maintenance and renovation needs.  Thtricky part is implementation. It's not like flipping a switch. To what degree are teachers using the current technology we have? How would this transfer to a distance learning environment? What training is needed to offer rich learning experiences? What age-appropriate resources are needed to enrich the distance learning experience? How do we connect with students without internet, without devices, and without support? These are some of the wonderings we have, and this will take not only additional funding but training and transformation of daily classroom instruction. If it can't be done within the building consistently and effectively, it is doomed to fail virtually.