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Comment: Not a question but want the BOE to know that many parents are going to be hesitant to send their children to school in August. We cannot pretend this is behind us and go back to crowded classrooms and hallways as we once did. Please consider alternate options such as smaller classes, alternating school days for students and other ideas to limit exposure to other students. We will have no additional means of protection when school is supposed to resume and no students life is worth risking.


The District will adhere to ALL CDC guidance when the time comes for school to begin. Everything is on the table including, but not limited to, a delayed start and alternating days. The District is working on a safety plan for the Fall. The plan will be shared with all stakeholders before school begins.  

Your child's safety and well-being are, ultimately, your responsibility. You should make decisions that you believe are in their best interest. It is not the government's role to tell you how to raise your child. The School District will always work with you to support your decisions within the parameters of the law.